Tomas Vik

Book cover

Pierce Brown - Golden Son

Trilogy: Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star

It would be hard not to spoil the first book when talking about what happened in the second, so I’ll instead talk about some aspects of the trilogy that I love.

The story doesn’t go into detail of how the science-fiction perks like terraforming, artificial gravity and their razors (light sabres) work. And so it boils down very much to a story about society and interpersonal relationships which is the most interesting part anyway.

The main hero Darrow is living in a high-class world where a low-born like himself shouldn’t be. He’s trying to infiltrate the society and bring a revolution. Yet, he’s making solid friendships and romantic relationships. The story is of constant alliance and betrayal.

The book is very unpredictable. You never know who’s going to turn out to be a great friend and who’s going to betray the main hero.