Tomas Vik


To see how I arrived at this process, go to Designing my backup process

Data classification

I have to classify data to four categories:

  • absolute backup - backed up to a device in my apartment and device outside of my apartment
    • this is data that is personal and if I loose it, it’s lost forever with no chance of retrieval
    • pictures, personal documents
  • home backup - backed up to my nas
    • this is convenience backup, movies, TV Series, books,
  • no backup
  • keychain - I need to have my keychain stored somewhere where I can access it even if I lose all devices (theft, disaster)


  • Edge devices - my laptop and phone
  • [[My home lab]]
  • 1TB hetzner storage box
  • 6TB home NAS (Asustor ???)

Absolute Backup

  • Nextcloud runs on [[My home lab]] (accessible only through Tailscale)
  • Every day, the server backs up the nextcloud folder with restic into NAS and hetzner storage box
  • Mac and Phone use nextcloud clients


  • When my server dies, I might loose access to my data until I get to my computer and recover from backup
  • Hetzner storage box always allows to delete files (when you have write access). If someone hacks my server, they can delete the backups.
    • I have 10 weekly snapshots of the box that can’t be accessed using the server credentials. I can recover from snapshot if somebody deletes my backups.

How can I loose my data:

  • My apartment burns down and I lost keychain or forgot the master password.
  • Somebody steals [[My home lab]] and my NAS and hetzner has critical data loss at the same time
  • My backups are corrupted and I can’t recover from them when [[My home lab]] dies.
  • Something happens to me and I won’t be paying for the Hetzner Storage Box

Home backup

  • The data lives in /share folder on [[My home lab]].
  • Every night, it gets rsynced with my NAS
  • The data is not personal and it’s not encrypted on NAS

How can I loose my data:

  • If [[My home lab]] and the NAS gets stolen or dies


  • All my keys are stored in my KeePassXC keychain.
  • I have it hidden at home on a USB stick.
  • I have it in Dropbox (but dropbox login requires my main email)
  • I don’t know how to protect against forgetting my master key
  • [[When I die]]