Tomas Vik

James S.A. Corey - Leviathan Wakes

Realistic sci-fi is the best genre of literature, right after comedy fantasy/sci-fi. I love when the rules of the universe (think gravity, space travel, technology) are close enough to our age that it’s not just hand-waving “magic” like teleports and warp drives. Technology is more fun when I can imagine it existing if we just improved the existing X by 100%.

Realism is one of the reasons I loved Project Hail Mary and Martian. And now I love the Expanse series too (Leviathan Wakes is book number one of the expanse series).

I watched the TV show five years ago, and luckily, I forgot most of it. Now I can enjoy the plot again. And the plot is fantastic. Mr. Corey does a great job intertwining the stories of the two main characters, Holden and Muller. He gives you two distinct viewpoints on the same events.

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