Tomas Vik

Designing my backup process

This page describes how I designed my current Backup process.

This design phase started on [[2023-08-05]]

Situation at [[2023-08-05]]

  • So far, I’ve got my files placed in several places:
    • Home NAS
    • Phone
    • Computer
    • Server
    • Next Cloud (Hetzner Storage Share)
    • External drives
      • Some have the files directly on NTFS
      • Some use restic

I came up with a data classification that is in the Backup process.

Absolute Backup

  • For the result I came up with, see the “Absolute Backup” in Backup
  • Criteria for absolute backup

    • It needs to be encrypted when stored on device that I don’t own or device that doesn’t have encrypted drives
      • If my NAS supports encrypted volumes (that require password on startup) then the data can live there.
    • I need to have an easy access to that data. I assume it will be up to 1TB and I can’t fit all that on my laptop or my phone
    • It is done automatically, my phone and mac get backed up every day
    • the default automated account supports append-only rights (only write, no delete)
    • I can easily delete photos that got backed up without these deleted photos being backed up forever
    • I would like to back up some server data (e.g. DB for my projects)
    • My wife should be able to use it as well
  • Alternative options

    • syncthing option
      • Use syncthing for the day-to-day data. (e.g. documents, recent photos)
      • use NAS for older pictures and videos
      • back up both to cloud storage with restic
      • This is more complicated than the chosen option with nextcloud