Tomas Vik

I wrote a command line tool to export Logseq pages as blog posts

I’ve got an exciting little program to share with you. It’s a command line utility that exports your public Logseq pages into Markdown blog posts compatible with most of the static-site generators.

All you have to do is write your post in Logseq, run the logseq-extractor command with a few parameters and your blog has got the latest version of your post, ready for publishing.

Two weeks ago, I looked for this very program but couldn’t find it. I wasn’t the only one. Many people wanted the same. See this Logseq feature request: Command Line to Export Pages and Data - Feature Requests - Logseq.

So without further ado, meet logseq-export: Tool to export raw Logseq Markdown files into Markdown blog posts with front matter. 🚀

I explained how to use it on the project’s README page, and I won’t repeat it here. I hope you’ll enjoy using it. Create a GitHub issue if you’d like a new feature or if you find a bug. You are welcomed to contribute code if you know the Go programming language.

And yeah, this post has been published with logseq-export 💪

EDIT (2022-09-27): Now logseq-export also exports your Logseq images to your blog 🎉