Tomas Vik


Improve your Logseq notes with MermaidJS diagrams

In this post, I’ll show you how to quickly draw diagrams in Logseq with a few lines MermaidJS code.

Promises reduce your future choices

When you promise to do something, you make the present more easy-going. You also set yourself up for working on a task that you would rather not do, maybe it is not enjoyable, or maybe there’s something more important to do.

My thoughts on investing: Index fund is all you need

I wish I thought about investing when I was younger. The sooner you start, the better. In this article, I’ll explain my thought process about investing in and hopefully, I will help you think about money more efficiently.

Zettelkasten note-taking after one year

I’ve been taking small, permanent, densely-linked notes for over a year. Now I’ll share how my understanding of the Zettelkasten (aka Slip-box) method changed and what I’ve learned. 16 months ago, I wrote a popular post about Zettelkasten right after reading the How to Take Smart Notes book. I’ve been taking smart notes since then. This is my update.

Why are salaries so low

Is there a link between our compensation and how much value your work creates? I think that reward is disconnected from the value provided.

Insurance is like gambling, don't overdo it

Insurance companies, like betting companies, need high margins to keep operating. You are paying that margin.

CSS Week 3 - Display, Position, and Boxing-model

Display and position are complex CSS properties. Combined with the boxing model, they are foundation for the major layout methods.

CSS Week 2 - Grid and Flexbox

Grid and Flexbox are standards for positioning elements on the site. I’ve spent a week learning about them and then documented my learning.

CSS Week 1 - Selectors

What did I learn about selectors? What are the tricks of selecting elements you can use?

Learning CSS in two months

To improve my shallow knowledge of CSS, I’m going to learn CSS for roughly eight hours each week for eight weeks.